Travel Guide

At ITAW Services, we provide holidaymakers with the very best Travel Guides. Our professionally trained specialists provide in-depth information to all our guests, not only prior to their arrival in the Maldives, but also during their stay. From Visa information and resort transfer details, to monetary queries and medical matters, to the country’s local culture and customs, rest assured that our Travel Guides have all the information you need at hand. 

Other facts you might find useful before you visit the country:

~ It is a Muslim country so if you visit the main city of Male, make sure that you respect their culture AND women must wear modest clothes and be covered appropriately at all times.

~ The local language is Dhivehi but English and most major languages are spoken and understood.

~ Banks and ATM are available at the airport but do bring cash (USD or EUR preferably) for tips and gratuities.

~ Bank and office hours are from Sunday – Thursday, 8:30AM – 5:30PM with prayer intervals in between.

 ~ Decompression chambers are located strategic locations across the atolls plus there is a fully functioning hospital in the city for urgent medical needs.